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How bad is it if you can’t resist the bread basket?


Enjoy the occasional indulgence, assuming you don’t bogart the baguettes from ravenous tablemates. “If I’m eating at a restaurant where bread is baked from scratch, I’ll go for it,” says nutritiona­l psychiatri­st Uma Naidoo, M.D., author of This Is Your Brain on Food.

Consider whether it’s truly worth the splurge—crumbly white bread with cold pats of butter that refuse to spread, not so much. Dr. Naidoo is a fan of whole-grain kinds laced with nuts and seeds, for the bonus nutrients. Planning to have a cocktail? Those rolls can pad an empty stomach so alcohol won’t get absorbed overly fast. When it’s time to order an entrée, skip the pasta and have salmon, chicken, or another lean protein to dodge a total carb coma.


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