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- compiled by Sarah E. Coleman

1. Udder Tech’s adult, waterproof, bibbed overalls feature a lightweigh­t fabric that can be washed and dried; a front chest pocket and an inside chest pocket with zipper closures to hold a phone securely; and six color options: blue, black, pink, green, high visibility and now in purple. www.uddertechi­nc.com

2. Keep your goat comfy with an adjustable fit Weatherbee­ta Deluxe Goat Coat, made of 600 denier waterproof shell and 100 grams of polyfill. www.weatherbee­ta.com

3. MICROBE-LIFT Autumn/Winter Prep helps accelerate the decomposit­ion of leaves and other organic matter in ponds during the fall and winter; the bacteria are effective in darker conditions — such as under ice and snow — and will remain effective even after being frozen. www.microbelif­t.com

4. The H2Go Bag allows farmers to move up to 20 gallons of water in a wheelbarro­w. http://shop.h2gobag.com

5. If your home is old or if the water tank is in an area that’s chilly, cover it with a flame-retardant Duck Brand Water Heater Insulation Blanket so the tank won’t have to work as hard to keep the water in it warm. www.duckbrand.com

6. ECHO Bear Cat’s outdoor power equipment lineup includes new stump grinders for backyard (SGACE), farmstead (SGXTR) and commercial (SGPRO) use. Each model features a 10-gauge steel body and eight positioned Greenteeth ® . www.bearcat products.com

7. Heat Holders thermal Worxx socks have additional enforcemen­t at stress points and come in a variety of styles. www.heatholder­s.com

8. The High Country Insulated Bucket Holder’s heavy foam insulation prevents water from freezing down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit; it can be used alone or with a 5-gallon water bucket. www.highcountr­yplastics.com

9. ORORO heated apparel are wind- and water-resistant; have lithium batteries that allow the wearer to choose high, medium or low levels of warmth for up to 10 hours; and have USB ports for charging smart phones and other devices. www.ororowear.com

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