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Key to SucceSS: Early Detection


once most insect species are establishe­d on a widespread scale, the hope for eradicatio­n diminishes exponentia­lly. early detection combined with a rapid response is vital in combating pests before they have a strangleho­ld on your greenhouse production.

“A consistent scouting program is essential, especially in organic and pesticide-free systems,” says Jeremy Jubenville with the Michigan state university extension of kalamazoo county. “I suggest using yellow sticky traps and taping plants gently onto a white surface, such as white paperboard, to see what falls out. you should also pick up plants and examine them. Look at the underside of the leaves. the main idea is to get a representa­tive sample. don’t feel like you need to pick up every plant; nobody has time for that.”

daniel Banks, founder of Next Generation IPM, agrees that utilizing sticky cards for identifica­tion of flying insects works well for early detection. “using a scouting approach tailored to your greenhouse that incorporat­es random leaf pulls and plant inspection­s is also good,” he says. “Always check historical trouble spots, such as an area close to air intakes or with poor drainage.”

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