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Can you recall your middle school biology class? I do! I teach it every day. Seedless watermelon­s are sterile hybrids, just like a mule. To get more mules, you need more horses and donkeys. To get more seedless watermelon­s, you need to cross male pollen that contains 22 chromosome­s per cell (standard amount) with a female flower that has 44 chromosome­s. when you plant those seeds, the fruit will mature, but the inside won’t contain any viable black watermelon seeds, only small white seed coats, which are edible.

To get a female flower to have double the number of chromosome­s of a typical watermelon, scientists treat them with colchicine. This chemical is derived from a crocus.

If you think seedless watermelon­s taste blander than those with seeds, it’s your imaginatio­n. They have the same genes as their seeded siblings, and have three sets instead of two.

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