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Used woodstoves are out there, and they’re sold for less than the cost of new woodstoves, though they’re not necessaril­y a bargain.

A woodstove can last 20 years or more. New stoves must meet U.S. Environmen­tal Protection Agency emissions standards, meaning they’ll burn wood more e‚ciently and may be easier to use. Saving money in the upfront purchase of a used woodstove can cost more money and e„ort in the wood you burn and in the general upkeep of the stove over time.

Another downside to a used woodstove is that your purchase will not qualify for the 2021 federal incentive program: a 26% tax credit with the purchase of wood and pellet heaters with a 75% or higher EPA high heating value e‚ciency rating. Your state may also have an incentive program to encourage the use of e‚cient home-heating systems.

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