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Tractor Tillers


Having a tiller on your tractor means you can turn the dirt in your fields when you need to. This very useful, must-have attachment shines in the spring when you’d like to do a light aerating or turn dirt before seeding. It’s the best attachment if you’d like to plant vegetables or other crops because it helps you get beyond the grass and into the dirt quickly.

Choosing a tiller isn’t as simple as choosing other attachment­s. You need to know what you’ll be using it for and assess the type of land you have before you pick one, or you might be disappoint­ed with its power and performanc­e.

There are reverse-rotation and front-till tiller attachment­s, with the reverse-tilling models digging deeper into hard dirt than a forward-till model. Think of a reverse tiller as the attachment you’ll use to dig into untouched soil, while a forward till model is a helping hand if you’re tilling dirt that’s already been worked.

You’ll want to choose the right number of tines for your tractor, too, and most tractor manufactur­ers offer four- or six-tine tillers. Just keep in mind that your tractor will need more horsepower the more tines you add.

Tilling depth is also a considerat­ion when choosing a tiller attachment, so if you know you have a layer of fine dirt over hard pack that’s 5 or 6 inches down, you’ll want a tiller attachment that can dig deeper than that.

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