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St. Croix Hair Sheep


St. Croix Hair Sheep were the silver lining in our little grey cloud! Frustrated in our attempts to find another breed of sheep, we found a small farm selling a half dozen St. Croix ewes and lambs. Right from the start, they were a perfect fit for our land.

Rotating between pastures, they search the thin, high-desert vegetation. Browsing as much as grazing, they thrive on green or dry grasses and weeds, leaves and twigs that most sheep breeds can’t or won’t eat. Light on their feet, they leave the roots of perennial grasses unharmed. The pastures are richer with their manure, and reducing the vegetation reduces the fire danger here in the arid West.

With ancestors left behind on Caribbean islands, meant to supply meat to residents and to future ships exploring the New World, this breed is hardy and healthy, needing little care. Ewes most often present twin lambs; no shepherd’s help required! Genetics and selection make them heat- and cold-tolerant and parasite-resistant.

For more informatio­n, check out The St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders Inc., the official registry for St Croix Sheep (www.stcroixshe­ep.org).

Lori Marion

Shasta Ranch (www.shastaranc­h.net) Klamath Falls, Oregon

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