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Why the most ad­vanced elec­tronic door locks are a nec­es­sary part of your home de­fense plan.


If you step out­side to throw away the trash or grab some­thing in the garage, it’s easy to get dis­tracted or pre­oc­cu­pied. You may run into a neigh­bor that wants to chat or, worst of all, get pre­oc­cu­pied with an­other task, and all the while you’ve left your door ei­ther wide open or un­locked.

Well, de­pend­ing on how your prop­erty is set up, leav­ing your doors un­locked for even just a few sec­onds is enough time for a bur­glar to en­ter your home. I know, it sounds crazy, but we live in crazy times and a record amount of bur­glar­ies are ini­ti­ated by gain­ing un­law­ful en­try through un­locked doors.

In re­cent news, there has been a rash of rob­beries in which peo­ple pos­ing as city work­ers will strike up con­ver­sa­tion with home­own­ers. They ap­proach the home­owner and keep them at bay at the front of the home. They are hit with ques­tions from the fake city worker while his ac­com­plice jumps your back fence look­ing to gain ac­cess through un­locked doors. By the time your con­ver­sa­tion is done, you head back into your home only to find that your house has been ran­sacked in just a few min­utes.

The bot­tom line is this: Leav­ing doors un­locked is a se­cu­rity breach that can lead to dis­as­trous re­sults – but we also un­der­stand that hav­ing to carry your keys and lock your door just to grab some­thing out of the garage is a pain in the arse.

Look, I get it. Mod­ern tech­nol­ogy has helped in­crease our pro­duc­tiv­ity and ef­fi­ciency, but it has also made us that much lazier, and that much more de­mand­ing and im­pa­tient. So rather than ar­gue the point, why not use tech­nol­ogy to an­swer our own calls of lazi­ness while pro­tect­ing our home­stead?

The in­tro­duc­tion of elec­tronic door locks was once looked down upon as an un­re­li­able and un­trusted source of se­cur­ing your home, but times have changed. At first sight of th­ese de­vices, I was skep­ti­cal to say the least.

Yet rather than pass judg­ment, I de­cided to pur­chase a Sch­lage unit (that was five years ago). Since then, I’ve only re­placed the bat­ter­ies once and ex­pe­ri­enced one mal­func­tion in which the lock would not open even after en­ter­ing the cor­rect code. The prob­lem lasted for only a few min­utes, and I never again ex­pe­ri­enced any other is­sues other than a lit­tle fad­ing on the fin­ish – then again, that room was ex­posed to harsh di­rect sun­light for most of the day, so it was to be ex­pected.

I’ve gone on to in­stall three more units all through­out the house. All of the elec­tronic door locks in­stalled are from dif­fer­ent and rep­utable man­u­fac­tur­ers, and I have had ab­so­lutely no prob­lems other than con­stantly hav­ing to ex­plain them to guests that come over.

So here’s an over­view of some of the lat­est elec­tronic door locks, and what you’ll find is an abun­dance of op­tions to choose from. From tra­di­tional to mod­ern, touch screen to push but­ton, there’s an ar­ray of op­tions to suit your ar­chi­tec­tural style and dé­cor. Some of th­ese locks can be con­trolled via Wi-Fi and a Smart Phone while oth­ers re­quire man­ual en­try of pro­gram­mable code. So do your home­work and see what works for you. In all, th­ese mod­ern-day locks de­liver se­cu­rity with style and they’ll leave you with a peace of mind that is un­matched and price­less.

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