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So, what’s your def­i­ni­tion of sus­pi­cious? Some­one with long hair? Or, a guy with no hair? What about some­one with a ton of tatts? Talk to the ex­perts, and none of those items are on the list. A sus­pi­cious per­son is an in­di­vid­ual thing, says Robert Gard­ner, the CEO of CrimeWise, but it’s based more on be­hav­ior than looks. Take, for ex­am­ple, some­one wan­der­ing through a neigh­bor­hood who just does not look like he be­longs An­other ex­am­ple is the guy who walks up to sev­eral front doors, rings the door­bell and then dis­ap­pears around back. When you’re hang­ing out around your home, those are the kind of things that should put you on no­tice.

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