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At the first 3-gun tac­ti­cal match (In­ter­na­tional In­fi­del Gun­fighter League), twice dur­ing the shot­gun only stage, the SKO-12 again failed to prop­erly feed the first round out of the mag­a­zine when a round was first man­u­ally loaded into the cham­ber.

Dur­ing the sec­ond shot­gun stage, I did not man­u­ally load a round into the cham­ber be­fore in­sert­ing a loaded mag­a­zine and the SKO-12 func­tioned fine. Over­all, the ease of han­dling and rapid reloads us­ing 5-round mag­a­zines made quick work of the steel plates.

Dur­ing this match, an­other com­peti­tor in the team ahead of me was us­ing an MKA 1919 shot­gun, and we no­ticed that our mag­a­zines were almost iden­ti­cal. The only ap­par­ent dif­fer­ence was the shape of the fol­lower. Nei­ther of us had a suf­fi­cient num­ber of mag­a­zines for the two stages, so we per­formed a quick func­tion test with each other’s mag­a­zines, de­ter­mined that they worked, then shared mag­a­zines. I later found a 10-round ProMag MKA-01 mag­a­zine on­line, so I pur­chased one and found that it, too, worked fine in the SKO-12.

At the next match, the SKO-12 func­tioned flaw­lessly through ap­prox­i­mately 30 rounds of #8 bird­shot. My times were also much im­proved us­ing the ProMag 10-shot mag­a­zine. With the help of the shot­gun stage times, I man­aged to finish fourth out of 36 com­peti­tors.

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