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be­came an art direc­tor and cre­ative direc­tor for my own com­pany. For me it was a mul­ti­di­men­sional ex­pe­ri­ence: How do you put your­self in a space? And when peo­ple come to look at a house, they’re work­ing with what­ever they saw on­line. Some­times they have their phone and the house pic­tures and I al­most have to say, Wait a minute, can you please put your phone down? I want you to ex­pe­ri­ence what it feels like to be in here. Walk into the rooms.

I did a se­ries on mak­ing mys­ter­ies. If I saw an old car with the trunk up, I’d ask the per­son to get part­way into the car. Some of those are in the Po­laroid Col­lec­tion. Be­fore pho­tog­ra­phy I was sup­pos­edly get­ting a Ph.D. in eco­nomics. Bor­ing. But my dis­ser­ta­tion data was clas­si­fied and I couldn’t com­plete it. Why not? The gov­ern­ment took it away. It was about the im­pact on our la­bor mar­ket due to the trans­fer of tech­nol­ogy.

Did you get your Ph.D. any­way?

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