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an in­cen­tive. The small, lo­cal banks— Cen­tury Bank, Los Alamos Na­tional Bank, First Na­tional Bank of Santa Fe— have an in­cen­tive to get the house taken care of and on the mar­ket. Those are the ones I usu­ally work with, the ones that ac­tu­ally want to sell. I do quite a few of LANB’s re­pos out in ru­ral ar­eas and in Los Alamos.

What’s your sphere of busi­ness, ge­og­ra­phy-wise? I go up to Abiquiu and Ojo Caliente. Th­ese days peo­ple can live in Abiquiu and do busi­ness with satel­lite in­ter­net. They don’t have to live in New York.

They come here to get away fromthe rat race. We get a lot of re­tired stock­bro­kers. They’re only 32 or 33, but they’re com­pletely burned out and filthy rich. One of my col­leagues from La Nueva Vida started an adult de­tox cen­ter where they check in for two years at a time. They’re the same peo­ple I’m sell­ing houses to, who have come off Wall Street and they’ve done so much coke and 20-hour days. They have su­per habits and the first thing they have to do here is de­tox.

Isn’t a lot of the de­vel­opable land around Los Alamos still locked up by the Depart­ment of En­ergy?

It is. The DOE turned over some parcels to Los Alamos County, but the county hasn’t done any­thing on that, ex­cept for an RFP on one piece that will be apart­ments.

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