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The City’sWater Con­ser­va­tion pro­gram has re­cently been work­ing with cus­tomer ser­vice to alert city wa­ter cus­tomers of pos­si­ble leaks as­so­ci­ated with their ac­counts. With the city’s new smart me­ter tech­nol­ogy, ev­ery ac­count holder is able to mon­i­tor his or her wa­ter use on an hourly ba­sis us­ing the new EyeOnWater app. The tech­nol­ogy also al­lows city staff to be alerted of po­ten­tial leaks across the en­tire system. This al­lows us the op­por­tu­nity to do some out­reach to try to alert our cus­tomers of is­sues that might be oc­cur­ring on their prop­erty.

Cur­rently we are tar­get­ing all leaks greater than 7.5 gal­lons per hour. We are find­ing that most of these leaks are as­so­ci­ated with leaks in ir­ri­ga­tion sys­tems. If you re­ceive a phone call from our of­fice or a let­ter in the­mail, please con­sider that there may be a po­ten­tial leak on your prop­erty.

What we sug­gest you do is first sign up for the free EyeOnWater app. Di­rec­tions can be found at www.save­wa­ter­santafe. com. By look­ing at your wa­ter us­age, you may be able to iden­tify what the higher us­age is as­so­ci­ated with. If not, you can give our of­fice a call andWater Con­ser­va­tion staff can con­duct an in­door and out­door wa­ter anal­y­sis to see if we can help iden­tify the leak as well as of­fer sug­ges­tions to con­serve wa­ter both out­door and in­doors.

Be­fore the tech­nol­ogy ex­isted, when cus­tomers were faced with a high wa­ter bill in­di­cat­ing that some­thing out of the or­di­nary had hap­pened, it was usu­ally sub­se­quently de­ter­mined that a leak had oc­curred. The cus­tomer was faced with rec­on­cil­ing a high wa­ter bill, find­ing and fix­ing the leak, and hav­ing to work with cus­tomer ser­vice on a leak ad­just­ment credit.

Be­cause the leak could have been on­go­ing for over a month, dam­age to the prop­erty might have also oc­curred. The ex­ces­sive us­age might have also put the cus­tomer into Tier 2 wa­ter rates that would in­crease bills con­sid­er­ably. The EyeOnWater app elim­i­nates most of these is­sues. You are alerted of a leak within 24 hours and the is­sue work be ad­dressed im­me­di­ately. When we see an on­go­ing con­tin­u­ous flow that ex­ceeds the 7.5 gal­lon-per-hour thresh­old, we go an ad­di­tional step in try­ing to no­tify the cus­tomer as well.

On­go­ing leaks can be avoided by us­ing the EyeOnWater app. Wa­ter Con­ser­va­tion staff is also com­mit­ted to help­ing our cus­tomers by no­ti­fy­ing them of po­ten­tial leaks as well. If you re­ceive a phone call or let­ter in the mail, please ac­cept it as our best ef­fort to help you. We are all com­mit­ted to Sav­ingWater in Santa Fe and the EyeOnWater app cer­tainly is a tool we can all ben­e­fit from us­ing. For more in­for­ma­tion please visit www.save­wa­ter­santafe. com or call 505-955-4225.

Chris­tine Y. Chavez has a back­ground in wa­ter rights ad­min­is­tra­tion and en­ergy and wa­ter con­ser­va­tion pro­gram man­age­ment in the state of New Mex­ico. She is a grad­u­ate of New Mex­ico State Uni­ver­sity with a B.S. in en­vi­ron­men­tal sci­ence and an M.S. in bi­ol­ogy. Chris­tine is theWater Con­ser­va­tion Man­ager for the City of Santa Fe. She may be reached at 505.955.4219 or cy­chavez@santafenm.gov.

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