Bridge in Ire­land

Honolulu Star-Advertiser - - DETOURS - By Frank Ste­wart Tri­bune Con­tent Agency

This sum­mer I en­joyed a two-week Ir­ish hol­i­day with a group led by Randy Baron, the founder of Baron Bar­clay Bridge Sup­ply, now co­or­di­nat­ing over­seas trips es­pe­cially for bridge players. (See baron­brid­

At a Belfast club, Baron was to­day’s de­clarer. North should have passed at her sec­ond turn, but when she raised to two hearts, Baron bid game.

Baron ruffed the sec­ond di­a­mond, led a spade to dummy and re­turned a trump to his jack. He next had to start the clubs; when trump con­trol is an is­sue, as here, de­clarer should at­tack a side suit early.

West won, and when East dis­carded, West hastily led an­other club. East ruffed and led a spade, but Baron won in dummy, picked up all the trumps and claimed.

The de­fense slipped. De­clarer’s play sug­gests that his trump hold­ing is ten­u­ous, so when West takes the ace of clubs, he should plug away at di­a­monds. De­clarer can­not suc­ceed. The de­fense also wins if West leads a spade or if East refuses to ruff the sec­ond club.

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