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- Holly Caccamise Editor editor@horseillus­

Ihave kind of a love/hate relationsh­ip with Valentine’s Day. I was single for most of my adult life, so it always came and went with a roll of the eyes. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to show our friends, family and horses lots of love!

Even if it’s cold out there, I encourage you to keep spending time with your horse(s), giving them some TLC and attention when you can. Soon enough it will be time for riding season to hit full swing again, and you’ll want that relationsh­ip at its best!

Hopefully you’ve got a crew of supportive barn buds if you board your horse—I know my horsey friends past and present have been absolutely priceless as we all go through life and equine challenges, and I definitely feel like I’m missing something if I happen to be at the barn when no one’s around. Be sure to read how Emily’s barn family dragged her out of her introvert box on pg. 12.

We’ve also got lots of fantastic content for how to prepare your horse for a calm and successful visit

(see “Prevent Vet Day Blues,” pg. 48) and how to help your horse relax and stretch for maintenanc­e between therapeuti­c visits (pg. 58). Bonus: a closer bond with your horse as a result.

Happy riding,

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