No more lost reins!

In­tro­duc­ing BOOMA, the flex­i­ble rein kep­per. It keeps your reins from fall­ing so they're al­ways with in reach!

Horse & Rider - - Tethers Rein To Saddle ! -

All rid­ers fear los­ing the reins. Whether you drop them or they get yanked from you, if you lose the reins you lose con­trol of your horse. Even worse, if you lose the reins, they may get tan­gled in your horse’s legs.

Tethers your reins to your sad­dle

That’s why we cre­ated BOOMA, the flex­i­ble rein keeper. BOOMA tethers your reins to the pom­mel/ swell on the sad­dle, so no mat­ter what, they’re al­ways within reach. And, with BOOMA, the reins can’t slip over the head of the horse.

Won’t re­strict horse

BOOMA is made of a flex­i­ble ma­te­rial, so the horse can lower its head to eat or drink with­out re­stric­tion. And, BOOMA is ad­justable, so it will fit any horse and ac­com­mo­date any rider. Made of a durable and wa­ter­proof polypropy­lene, BOOMA at­taches with a cara­biner O-ring (in­cluded) for trail rid­ing, train­ing or ev­ery­day rid­ing or di­rectly to the rein for calf rop­ing, bar­rel rac­ing and other high-in­ten­sity rid­ing.

A safer, smarter way to ride

No mat­ter who you are or what type of rid­ing you do, a BOOMA rein keeper will make your ride safer, more con­ve­nient and more en­joy­able, and you’ll al­ways have peace of mind know­ing you can’t lose the reins!

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