Do you think whorls can tell you about a horse’s tem­per­a­ment?

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Jana Lor­raine I’ve had 30 horses in the past 20 years and have found no con­nec­tion to whorls and per­son­al­ity types. I find the more re­li­able source of per­son­al­ity traits is blood­lines. Ch­eryl Mill­wood I have two horses with dif­fer­ent swirls on their faces and necks and both of these horses demon­strate be­hav­iors com­pletely un­like my other horses, who just have the usual swirl be­tween their eyes. My horses with mul­ti­ple swirls are very smart, but they tend to spook at al­most any­thing. Alexan­dria Pal­las I have a horse with mul­ti­ple whorls and she’s my hus­band’s solid trail horse. He’s a to­tal be­gin­ner and she’s great with him. No spook. I have an­other horse with a whorl and a feather in the mid­dle of her fore­head—which is sup­posed to be very pos­i­tive— and she’s a hand­ful.

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