Mare C

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➞ Not as smoothly put to­gether as the other two, this mare has the least bal­ance over­all. She has the most vol­ume and def­i­ni­tion of muscling, though, and ex­cel­lent heart girth depth, even more so than Mare B. How­ever, she’s coarser and less fem­i­nine, as well.

Her head lacks re­fine­ment and makes me think of a geld­ing more than a mare. Her neck’s length is good, but it’s very thick from throat­latch to base, where it ties in very low to her chest. Di­vided into thirds, she’s long in her mid­dle third. Her to­pline is weak, with her short croup quite far from her withers. She also has the steep­est shoul­der of these three, which won’t al­low for a smooth, reach­ing stride.

I be­lieve her struc­ture isn’t bad, but it’s hard to tell with her stance. Stock breeds are to be judged squared up, and this mare is quite stretched out. That said, she ap­pears cor­rect in her front legs, and her right hind leg shows what may be too much hock an­gle. 

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