Mare A

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➞ This mare isn’t as nicely bal­anced as Mare C, be­ing longer in her mid­dle third and shorter in her front and hind thirds. She’s level in her topline, though, which earns her sec­ond place, and will en­able her to per­form bet­ter than Mare B. She’s suf­fi­ciently strong through her back, and I like the depth of her heart­girth.

Her head is pleas­ant, though a lit­tle long in the ears. Her throat­latch is trim­mer than the first-place mare’s, but her neck is short—con­sid­er­ably shorter on the bot­tom than on the top—and ties in to a steep shoul­der, which sets her up for more knee ac­tion than ideal. This mare also lacks length and sub­stance in her hip.

Her front pasterns are long and low and don’t match her steep shoul­ders. She’s also slightly calfkneed (back at the knee), which may lead to sound­ness is­sues. Her hind legs look good with low hocks and a good set (an­gle), which will en­able her to drive from her hind end.

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