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Are you try­ing to get every bit of power from that ex­ist­ing mo­tor in your bike? Well, kids, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can spend a lit­tle or a lot to get your bike where you want it, but we all know more power means more money. Get­ting the right parts work­ing to­gether on your ma­chine will get you to the promised land of per­for­mance. Mind you the com­bi­na­tions of the right parts can get you some big gains, while oth­ers may just get you noth­ing, so do your home­work be­fore you plunk down those hard-earned ducats.

None­the­less, here we have a countdown from minis­cule to fire-breath­ing en­gine mods and the av­er­ages of horse­power one could gain from do­ing such up­grades in con­junc­tion with the proper builder and tuner. HB

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