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Ihad the plea­sure of rid­ing from New York City to John­son City, Ten­nessee, for the Hot Bike Tour this year. Usu­ally I leave from out West, which is dusty and hot, so I was look­ing for­ward to some cooler temps on my route. It’s a good thing that I planned ahead and grabbed my Fore­cast jacket and pants from Klim be­fore I did. Why, you ask?

Be­cause the first day was eight hours of rid­ing in the rain through New York, New Jersey, and Delaware sling­ing up all sorts of road wa­ter while the heav­ens down­poured rain.

I have worn a lot of rain gear in my

years of rid­ing, and I have to tell you that most of the gar­ments are just plain hor­ri­ble. That’s not the case with the Klim gear. I felt like these items were tai­lored just for me the first time I put them on. And they weren’t bulky like so many other wet-weather duds I have worn in the past.

The Fore­cast pants and jacket are both light­weight, cut well, and have just enough de­sign fea­tures to keep you happy when rid­ing in the wet. Both gar­ments are made out of Gore-tex and are guar­an­teed to keep you dry. In­side the pants and jacket is mesh lin­ing, and the jacket has wa­ter­proof zip­pers and armpit vents, which kept me from get­ting over­heated no mat­ter the weather.

I en­joyed the way the Fore­cast combo fit so well, and I ended up us­ing them as wind stop­pers even on the cooler days it wasn’t rain­ing. As far as looks go, I re­ally liked the black fab­ric the Fore­cast top and bot­toms came in, but I could have done with­out the disco-neon com­pany logo. In short, if you need some no-non­sense rain gear that fits and works great, these should be at the top of your list. $199 jacket // $199 pants //

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