DDCC Gene-splices a Road King and an FXR


Ev­ery­thing has been done. Ev­ery big-wheel bike, I’ve done, whether it was a Street Glide, Road Glide, what have you. But no one’s done an FXR front end on a tour­ing bike.” That’s how Dave Du­por of DD Cus­tom Cy­cles de­cided this meaty Road King had to hap­pen. “It’s a cool-look­ing front end that’s some­thing dif­fer­ent and will ap­peal to guys on the West Coast,” Dave says. “Here in the Mid­west, the FXR thing hasn’t taken real well, and I’m the guy who al­ways does some­thing a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. I also heav­ily mod­i­fied the fair­ing to my lik­ing.” Con­vert­ing an FXR fork to it was just the open­ing salvo in the cre­ativ­ity bar­rage that fol­lowed, as you can prob­a­bly tell.

It’s also no­body’s big wheel. “I re­ally wanted to build some­thing to­tally dif­fer­ent from the cur­rent stretched bags,

30-inch wheels, etc. Those bikes are start­ing to look the same,” Dave con­tin­ues. “The wide tire han­dles well and rides awe­some. The 180 tire, you feel re­ally in con­trol. With the MX bars, mids, that front end, and 180, it’s a full combo that’s easy and fun to con­trol.”

Dave scrounged up this 2014 Road King, a donor bike, in Ohio. It was in great con­di­tion, and could have been a great bike left as is (OK, maybe not so much; it was torn down in less than a week). He then faced the task of mak­ing it all flow from front to back. “I tried to make ev­ery part of the bike, the steel fend­ers, steel tank, steel side cov­ers, bags with my vents, and so on,” he says, “and just make it my own and not just an­other bolt-on bag­ger.”

For the tug­boat up front, Dave took a mod­i­fied TOL De­signs FXR fair­ing and put it on this Road King. “Even the smartest peo­ple here thought this bike was an FXR,” he re­calls. There are plenty of other de­tails through­out the bike, and while it looks like a tank, it rides like a street fighter (for a bag­ger). Dave tells us you can throw it any­where you want. Plus, the wide-tire front and the short and stubby stance just demand respect. The out­come was awe­some and peo­ple love it.

Dave made 90 per­cent of the cus­tom parts on this bike, in­clud­ing the all-steel body­work. He molded the wind­shield, made the speaker en­clo­sures, and built the big 107-inch mo­tor.

Not that the project started out with fans. There were skep­tics. When the fair­ing came in, peo­ple came into the shop think­ing it was ugly. “Wait till it’s done,” he’d say. “Then you can judge it.” HB

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