Part 3: Just About Wrapped on Our M8FXR

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Last is­sue, we left off with get­ting the brand-new Har­ley-david­son Mil­wau­kee-eight en­gine and trans­mis­sion into the 1993 FXRP frame. This re­quired a ton of fab­ri­ca­tion both from the bike’s builder, Danny Wil­son, aka the Mo­tor Witch, and famed fab­ri­ca­tor Justin Cole­man, of Torch In­dus­tries. We then got the bike to supreme roller sta­tus by in­stalling the Race Tech sus­pen­sion, Jade Af­fil­i­ated wheels, Con­ti­nen­tal tires, and Beringer brakes. This is the part of any ground-up bike build when it looks like it is all re­ally com­ing to­gether, but ac­tu­ally the hard work had just be­gun.

Danny had his work cut out for him since the in­cep­tion of this project. Now he was at­tempt­ing to put a whole lot of mod­ern wiring, com­put­ers, and con­trollers from a 2018 H-D bag­ger into a 25-yearold car­bu­reted FXR frame. Danny’s first or­der of busi­ness was to team up with Justin again and deal with in­stalling a fuel pump into the FXR tank to feed the H-D fuel in­jec­tion sys­tem con­ver­sion. A donor tank was swiped off a crashed 2016 H-D Iron 883 Sport­ster. Justin hacked the Sport­ster’s peanut tank apart, then made a tem­plate and in­stalled the fuel pump and pump mount plate into the FXR tank. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well it’s not. The FXR tank, af­ter be­ing welded, had to be pres­sure tested, then welded again, and then re-coated in­side to pro­tect the metal from the ethanol-rich gaso­line we now have to deal with in most parts of the United States.

Af­ter the tank was done, Danny started the ba­sics of wiring the bike. Once he fig­ured out where he was go­ing to hide most of the black boxes that con­trol the new Can-bus-based sys­tem, he be­gan hang­ing the other parts on the bike. Up front, the bike used a set of Hard Case Per­for­mance ris­ers and gauge mounts, a pair of Lucky Daves Riser han­dle­bars, Speed Mer­chant grips, and a set of 2018 H-D hand con­trols with throt­tle-by-wire. A set of re­worked FXRP floor­boards and foot con­trols were in­stalled, and a cus­tom-stitched Sad­dle­men seat was made to work with the stock H-D FXR rear fender and tank. Out back, a set of FXR Di­vi­sion po­lice bags will be in­stalled, along with some light­ing com­po­nents from Cus­tom Dy­nam­ics.

The fi­nal piece of the puzzle was get­ting an ex­haust made. We didn’t want any off-the-shelf pipe for this bike. And since the mo­tor was go­ing to be punched out to 151ci soon, thanks to the folks at Lead­ing Edge V-twin, we needed a real-deal multi-stepped cus­tom 2-into-1 pipe. A phone call was made to Jay at Fab28 In­dus­tries, and he loaded up his Tran­sit van with a ton of tub­ing and headed to Ari­zona. Once Jay set up shop at FXR Di­vi­sion’s head­quar­ters, he got busy de­sign­ing and weld­ing up the per­fect per­for­mance ex­haust for what we both wanted and needed for this project.

Once all the wires were run and the brake and clutch hoses were mea­sured, the bike was com­pletely torn apart, piece by piece. The frame and a few other an­cil­lary parts will be headed to visit the pow­der-coater next, and by the time that gets fin­ished, we should re­ceive

the tank, fend­ers, fair­ing, and side cov­ers back from Tay­lor Schultz, of Schultz De­signz in North­ern Cal­i­for­nia. Tay­lor has a long his­tory of giv­ing FXRS amaz­ing paint jobs, so when this project be­gan all those months ago, we knew that he was the only man for the job. The pa­ram­e­ters that we gave Schultz re­gard­ing the paint was that it had to have a black-and-white cop-bike theme, but other than that, any­thing goes! We can’t wait to get the paint back from Tay­lor and his crew. We’re pretty sure it will be the per­fect blend of both cus­tom and cop, which as you can imag­ine, is a tough thing to achieve.

Once pow­der­coat and paint get back to Buddy Stubbs Har­ley-david­son, where the bike is be­ing as­sem­bled, Danny will move on to fi­nal as­sem­bly and but­ton ev­ery­thing up. The #M8FXR project is fi­nally near­ing com­ple­tion! Stay tuned. HB

1 The process of in­stalling a fuel pump in a car­bu­reted tank is not an easy one. But Justin Cole­man, from Torch In­dus­tries, got the job done.

42. As you can see, the wiring on this bike is sheer mad­ness. Can you say psy­che­delic spaghetti?3. The stock FXRP foot con­trols and floor­boards were heav­ily mod­i­fied to work with the new en­gine and driv­e­line.4. Sad­dle­men stitched up a seat that com­bines the look of its Step Up with a cop-bike seat.




7 Jay, from Fab 28 In­dus­tries, hand­made the pipe to both look good and han­dle horse­power.Hard Case Per­for­mance ris­ers and gauge mounts were in­stalled on Lucky Daves Riser han­dle­bars. Next up will be Speed Mer­chant grips, and 2018 H-D hand con­trols with throt­tle-by-wire.

8 The project M8FXR was be­ing read­ied for its fi­nal buildup and maiden voy­age to Sturgis.And this is how the bike looked as it ar­rived for its Sturgis de­but. Stay tuned for the next in­stall­ment of the #M8FXR in the next is­sue.


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