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Hot Rod Deluxe - - Scrapbook - Jim Mac­cal­lum

In re­sponse to the ques­tions posed by John Hay­ward about his 1933 Ply­mouth coupe (“Bring­ing An­other One Back,” Scrap­book, March 2018), those mys­tery lights were ac­tu­ally or quite prob­a­bly brake lights. Day­time rac­ing back then was some­thing of a rar­ity. Yes, there were races run on Sun­day af­ter­noons, but back then rac­ing on a Sun­day could be prob­lem­atic due to lo­cal reg­u­la­tions and/or so called “blue laws” that tended to fa­vor Sun­day as a day of rest and peace, not a day to raise hell and make noise on a dirt track. To get around the Sun­day pro­hi­bi­tions, pro­mo­tors and track own­ers would re­sort to sched­ul­ing night races, usu­ally on a Fri­day or Satur­day, and then on a Sun­day if they could find a county or mu­nic­i­pal­ity that had no le­gal ob­jec­tions to day meets on Sun­day. Night rac­ing came with one big prob­lem. How would a driver know what the car ahead of him was about to do in a cor­ner, par­tic­u­larly on the longer tracks like the

3⁄ and half-miles? They would mount brake lights, or a com­bi­na­tion

8 brake and tail­light, high on the sail panel or C -pil­lar to put them in plain sight of the trail­ing driver and keep them from be­ing smashed if the guy be­hind you got into you in the cor­ner while try­ing to push through for a pass.

On the mat­ter of the car’s de­ceased en­gine and John’s plan to sub in a GMC pow­er­plant: Most classes of “stock” cars or jalop­ies typ­i­cally were built ac­cord­ing to a rule book pro­vided by the track owner or pro­mo­tor. One rule that was pretty much uni­ver­sally en­forced was about the en­gine. Ford in a Ford, Chev in a Chev, Chryco in a Chrysler/ Dodge, and so on. While us­ing the Jim­mie mo­tor would get the ve­hi­cle mov­ing, it just isn’t stock. Even if he were to stuff a late-model in­line six or small poly­sphere mo­tor into the en­gine bay, it would still be a Chrysler or Dodge in a Chrysler. Hey, even a ’60s Slant Six would do the trick, or a Euro-chrysler mo­tor from the ’60s!

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