Waste of Pa­per?

Hot Rod Deluxe - - Scrapbook - Mark Bracewell

Even if I’m the only guy on the planet that thinks this way, I am go­ing to rant. Please stop wast­ing pa­per, ink, and my sen­si­bil­i­ties with this beach rac­ing crap (“Sand Baron,” Nov. 2018). That is the stu­pid­est thing that could ever be done with a rod! I’d rather be wash­ing Bon­neville off my car than sea­wa­ter and sand! How many en­gine re­builds have been done be­cause of sand-scored bores and pis­tons? And I re­ally don’t care for most of the build styles. For the most part they seem about one notch up from a rat rod. Not my rod cup of tea at all. I need paint, even if it is 50-year-old paint. And yes, for­tu­nately the fea­ture car was in­deed painted, but look at the group photo. Yes, I’m old, and no, I don’t get it. We’ve heard from other read­ers who can’t get be­hind The Race of Gentle­men, but there are many who re­ally like TROG, as well as the Hot Rod Hill Climb, Hot Rod Dirt Drags, and other events where cars get driven rather than just sit­ting in a show. The par­tic­i­pants and spec­ta­tors at these events run the gamut age-wise, but we think a big part of this phe­nom­e­non’s ap­peal is to younger en­thu­si­asts who like this link to the kinds of events that were run fre­quently in the past. And while these cars may look rat-rodish to you, they work far bet­ter than the typ­i­cal rat rods we’re fa­mil­iar with.


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