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The time­less look of dry-lakes racing.

HOT ROD dis­patched Tex Smith to El Mi­rage to cover the sea­so­nend­ing SCTA meet in Novem­ber 1963, some 15 years af­ter Lee Ham­mock took pho­tos on the lake for our cover story. Yet there’s a time­less qual­ity to pho­tos of road­sters racing on the lake bed, so much so that one year’s pho­tog­ra­phy could al­most pass for ear­lier shots.

Al­most. There were no Hemis in 1948, of course, and the sta­tion wagon at left and Chrysler sedan in back were years away from pro­duc­tion, too. But the sight of two gear­heads work­ing to make an old Ford go faster could be from any time, be it 1948, 1963, or even right about now.

This shot served as the lead photo for “Dry Lakes,” Tex’s story in the Jan­uary 1964 HRM. “The course was rough that day,” Tex wrote, “and most ev­ery­one was off ” the record speeds they hoped to at­tain. That in­cluded Lyle An­der­son, whose Hemi-fied ’29 Model A, at 177.86 mph, came up just 17 mph short of the D/hot Road­ster class mark.—drew HARDIN

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