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The Tom Mor­ris A/V8 ar­ti­cle [“Re­nais­sance Man,” Nov. 2018] was one of the best you have pub­lished. I do not want to di­min­ish Tom’s tal­ents, but there’s a cap­tion that states that “Tom cast his own head­light stan­chions ….” I think he may have cast them us­ing com­mer­cially avail­able stan­chions as pat­terns, but these types of stan­chions were avail­able on the mar­ket. I bought some just like these in the late 1950s for use on my chan­neled ’29 road­ster. Of­fen­hauser listed these in their cat­a­log. In an ear­lier is­sue of your mag­a­zine an­other old car builder was cred­ited with cast­ing his own head­light stands that look just like the ones com­mer­cially of­fered.

In the same vein, your story on the Bill Kelly coupe [“Kelly’s He­roes,” Jan. 2016] in­di­cates that the wish­bone mounts were fab­ri­cated by Bill Kelly. Some place in my stash of stuff I have an ob­scure, 15- or 20-year-old cat­a­log of alu­minum cast­ings for mostly flat­head stuff that show wish­bone mounts ex­actly like the ones on the Bill Kelly car. I al­most bought a pair.

As cars get passed down from owner to owner, de­tails of the build get lost, and the sto­ries get bet­ter. Kind of like sto­ries in hunt­ing camp.

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