Hot Rod Deluxe - - Uncle Daniel -

Alan Mest’s Model A road­ster was given that nick­name by none other than Tom Med­ley, back when “con­tribut­ing shut­ter­bug” Lester Ne­hamkin “came bounc­ing through Trend’s por­tals with a fist full of eight by ten glossy prints and a grin that would melt a dozen Krushchevs,” said the fea­ture on the road­ster in the Sept. 1955 HRM. “Old car­toonyfelle­r” Med­ley saw the pho­tos, “took three dou­ble-takes and breathed, ‘Man, what an Uncle Daniel!’”

T Med was call­ing it a sleeper, for those of you not around in the days when mag­a­zines used black-and-white glossy prints and a bald-headed So­viet leader was on the minds of many Amer­i­cans.

Kurt Wiese owned the car when it ap­peared in HRM, hav­ing bought it from Norm Jen­nings, who owned it when it was writ­ten up in Hopup two years prior. At the time of the HRM fea­ture the car was still flat­head pow­ered, its SBC swap yet to come.

Mest bought it from Wiese in pieces. When he re­assem­bled the car he re­in­stalled a flat­head—natch. But oth­er­wise he left it very much like it was all those years ago. —

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