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You guys have me scratch­ing my head over that Navarro man­i­fold [“More Navarro Speed Parts,” Roddin’ @ Ran­dom, May 2019]. Was the car run both at Bon­neville and the Win­ter­nats with four carbs on a non-fac­tory man­i­fold and a Hy­dro-stick? I think Mod­i­fied Pro­duc­tion was in­tro­duced at the 1964 Win­ter­na­tion­als, but you guys are in­fer­ring that Love­grove ran with the four carbs in Stock Elim­i­na­tor against Tom Grove. So what ac­tu­ally hap­pened? Was the car con­verted back to SS/A sta­tus for the Win­ter­na­tion­als, as I sus­pect?

Scotty Gos­son, who wrote that piece and our Navarro pro­file in May, replies: Good catch! Your red-faced au­thor apologizes for drop­ping the ball. The four-carb Navarro in­take would have been laughed out of a no­to­ri­ously per­snick­ety NHRA Stock Elim­i­na­tor tech in­spec­tion. Doug Love­grove was surely rel­e­gated to em­ploy­ing a much more con­ven­tional man­i­fold for his Win­ter­na­tion­als ef­fort. In fact, a re­cent dis­cus­sion with Bob Maz­zolini (who ran that elim­i­na­tor with his own Ply­mouth) re­vealed that the Navarro in­take would have re­quired bla­tantly il­le­gal fire­wall surgery to even fit onto the en­gine (much to Bob’s dis­may). Maz­zolini also men­tioned seeing the mold for the bizarro Navarro in­take at the H&H Flat­heads shop, and re­ports more than one ru­mor of another Navarro four-quad man­i­fold at large in hot rod­ding’s labyrinth used parts net­work. Happy hunt­ing!

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