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Likely the first name that comes to mind when talk­ing diesel en­gines is the B-se­ries of Cum­mins straight-sixes: the mono­lithic pow­er­houses in the diesel world. Seven main bear­ing caps give the crank plenty of sup­port for a lot of power and torque with stock hard­ware in the block. The early 12-valve vari­ants will spit 500 hp to the pavement with­out a hitch, while the mod­ern 6.7 can dial up

1,000 hp—and you can re­li­ably guessti­mate that torque is nearly dou­ble those horse­power num­bers. Which Cum­mins is right for you? “It all de­pends on what they want to do with it,” Bray­den says. “If you want a bare-bones, zom­bie-apoca­lypse ve­hi­cle, the 1994–1998 12-valve is the pin­na­cle. But we’re com­mon-rail peo­ple—we like wires. Hon­estly,

they’re cleaner, they run bet­ter, and they can make more power. But there’s noth­ing wrong with a 12-valve; it’s an easy swap. The only hookups you need are for the fuel shut-off valve and the starter en­able wire—that’s it, two wires.”

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