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Brush care is vi­tal for your pock­et­book as much as your port­fo­lio, ac­cord­ing to Styles. “You got to take care of th­ese pre­cious brushes. Oil them up and put them back in your nice case,” he said, point­ing that it’s paramount to store the sword-shaped brushes, like the Mack, ver­ti­cally. If the bris­tles take a set to an odd-an­gle, the brush can be for­ever ru­ined. Oh, and his choice of brush oil? “Plain ol’ mo­tor oil. You could go get some off the dip stick if you had to!

“This is the brush I bring out all the time, be­cause it means a lot to me,” Styles con­tin­ued, while hold­ing a crusty, paint-dried brush. “And the rea­son it does is be­cause a very well-known builder in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia de­cided he wanted to pin­stripe with me at Dis­ney­land. Chip Foose comes and says, ‘Hey, set up this brush for me.’ Well, Chip, that’s the way you left my brush [he said jok­ingly]! So it’s a good ex­am­ple that if you leave it, walk away, and we go to lunch and it’s 100 de­grees on a sum­mer day, you’re go­ing to come back to that.”

01] Styles keeps a small jar of mo­tor oil with him to re­con­di­tion the nat­u­ral-hair brushes be­fore stor­ing them with the nat­u­ral, blade-shaped curve sit­ting ver­ti­cal.


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