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My daily driver is a bor­ing Home De­pot truck. It’s that mid-2000s, white, 5.3L Sil­ver­ado with the ex­tra-cab half-door and a longbed that you see ev­ery­where. Go to Home De­pot this week­end if you want to see 50 of them parked in a row.

The rea­son I am telling you this is be­cause my other two ve­hi­cles are some­thing you might be in­ter­ested in and rep­re­sent a shift in car cul­ture. First is a 1971 Dodge De­mon. It’s what used to be called Pro Street or a door car, but now it would be de­scribed as a nice—but slow—ver­sion of a big-tire no-prep or grudge car. It’s on 31/13.0s with a four-link and has an EFI twin­turbo 6.4L Hemi that makes 1,000 hp.

The De­mon is square in the cen­ter of the shift from high-dol­lar paint jobs ap­plied by a celebrity artist, which it has, to sim­ple mono­chrome or even a re­gres­sion to primer for big- and small-tire cars we’re see­ing on No Mercy and Cash Days vids on YouTube. The De­mon is glossy and fast, and plun­ders the awards and at­ten­tion at the lo­cal car show, but is too much of a beauty queen to get any street cred af­ter mid­night at the End of the World or Cen­tral Val­ley races. You’ll see its new pow­er­plant on the Oc­to­ber cover if you haven’t al­ready seen it on your Face­book feed or In­sta­gram.

The sec­ond ve­hi­cle is a 1975 Bronco that was as­sem­bled us­ing spare parts from hundreds of tech sto­ries I’ve writ­ten for Car Craft and now HOT ROD. Some­where around 2014, we put to­gether a Ford Rac­ing 351 us­ing a BOSS short-block and a set of RHS heads. It makes about 600 hp on pump gas with a big, rowdy roller cam, short Flow­mas­ters, and a car­bu­re­tor. We stripped off (or they fell off) all of the spray-can painted pan­els and had them shot with some free paint given to us by Ax­alta, so none of the col­ors match. I’ve found over the years that on the street, the Bronco gets more at­ten­tion and is more fun than al­most any other car I’ve driven, in­clud­ing the ’71 and halo cars from the fac­tory. It has rust ev­ery­where and three col­ors of paint, so what gives?

The Bronco con­nects to the gen­er­a­tion that is see­ing more fast beat­ers on the in­ter­net than high-dol­lar cars. Young guys are pulling trucks out of the weeds like the Gen X guys did with mus­cle cars in the 1980s and 1990s and swap­ping in new tech­nol­ogy for what they call no prep (street rac­ing) and car meets (cruis­ing). It’s the same rear-wheel-drive ethos, but with a lot of dif­fer­ent jar­gon and cre­ative uses of C10s and Volvos bring­ing the whole thing full cir­cle. Rust is in, so go ahead, drive what makes you happy.

[ This is a crate en­gine from Mopar. Add 16 pounds for 1,000 hp.

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