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I have a 1986 Ca­maro Z28. I re­cently in­stalled rear disc brakes and up­dated the fronts. I would like to in­stall a Wil­wood mas­ter cylin­der and an ad­justable pro­por­tion­ing valve so I can get more pres­sure to the brakes and fine-tune the front-to-rear brak­ing force. I would like to use the orig­i­nal brake lines. The prob­lem I’m hav­ing is find­ing met­ric M10x1.0 to SAE 24 and met­ric M14x1.5 to SAE 24 adapters so I can con­nect the GM met­ric-style brake line nuts to the Wil­wood parts. Do you know of any­one that makes these fit­tings?

Ricky Rick­ett Mon­cks Cor­ner, SC

Plews & Edel­mann has what you need in its brass fit­ting and adapter line.

[ Most ma­jor auto parts-store chains—in­clud­ing Au­toZone, NAPA, and O’Reilly—carry Edel­mann fit­tings. Sum­mit Rac­ing also lists and prices them. Weird out­liers like Rick­ett’s re­quested met­ric-to-SAE brake adapters (PN 262010,shown) aren’t al­ways stocked in lo­cal in­ven­tory, so they may need to be spe­cial-or­dered.Sum­mit Rac­ing

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