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Driv­ing the Power Tour is al­ter­nately eating long stretches of road, idling in traf­fic at in­ter­sec­tions, deal­ing with road con­struc­tion, or wait­ing in line to get to the venue. The weather is usu­ally hot and hu­mid, break­downs are fre­quent, and it’s easy to miss a turn or get sep­a­rated from the crowd. We put to­gether a list of lessons learned to help sur­vive Power Tour .

01] Big Ra­di­a­tor: Your cool­ing sys­tem is para­mount to the sur­vival of this trip. The big­ger your ra­di­a­tor, the bet­ter off you will be. You’ll need a big fan, too, to pull air through it while you’re stuck in traf­fic. Con­sider some lou­vers or hood vents, too—some­thing to help ex­tract hot air from the en­gine com­part­ment. If un­der­hood tem­per­a­tures get hot enough, even fuel-in­jected cars can ex­pe­ri­ence va­por lock.

02] Swamp Cooler/Air Con­di­tion­ing: The hard-core among us in­sist that hot rods and per­for­mance cars don’t have air con­di­tion­ing. That doesn’t mean you have to swel­ter in the heat. We saw some clever, home­built swamp cool­ers to keep your in­te­rior pleas­ant in the heat.

03] Bring a Navigator: This Volvo P1800 had both a tablet­sized GPS dis­play and a pa­per map. If you don’t have a pas­sen­ger who can help with di­rec­tions, a pa­per map is your best friend in places with no cell-phone ser­vice.

04] Ba­sic Tools: Bring a tool kit! Stuff will break on a trip this


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