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So far, this story has been big-pic­ture stuff about the GEN4’s tremen­dous po­ten­tial. While much of this has been car­ried over from the GEN3, you now have even more con­trol with more speed. Let’s talk spark tim­ing, fuel, and lambda ta­bles with in­di­vid­ual cor­rec­tions for each cylin­der. In­di­vid­ual cylin­der fuel and spark ta­bles can be based on a com­bi­na­tion of speed and load, as op­posed to just rpm. Each of th­ese eight ta­bles can be as large as 24x24. That res­o­lu­tion of­fers greater fi­nite con­trol, which is why this sys­tem is so pow­er­ful.

The GEN4 also of­fers five pulse-width mod­u­lated (PWM) con­trol out­puts. Th­ese can be used to con­trol ni­trous so­le­noids or lockup on a multi-disc torque con­verter. For the con­verter, you could spec­ify how many times the con­verter locks up. In other words, you can spec­ify up to three sep­a­rate con­verter lock­ups per pass down the track, if that’s what’s nec­es­sary. For cars with big power and small tires, that will keep the tires from spin­ning on the gear change. This is just one fea­ture out of dozens that are in­cor­po­rated into the GEN4.

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