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The ’55 had a part­ner in its long garage slum­ber and you can pic­ture them, right out of Dis­ney’s Cars, talk­ing sleep­ily as a big city grew around while they sat there in the dark. “I’ve still got these maps on the front seat,” the 1955 Ford might have said. “I’m ready for a road trip.”

“You young whip­per­snap­pers don’t even know what a road trip is,” the 1928 Model

A could have an­swered. “In my day, the roads weren’t even paved.”

Ladd doesn’t have any plans for the Model A, aside from show­cas­ing its abil­ity to do a burnout—which it can! “We pulled it out pretty much how you see it. Just cleaned the points, put an air fil­ter on it and a few wires, and it ran. Some­one put juice [hy­draulic] brakes on it at some point. We took the sys­tem apart, cleaned it, put it back to­gether, and it works.” He says the can­vas-topped Sport Coupe doesn’t have the de­sir­abil­ity of the hard­top or road­ster, but hopes some­one will want this one as is. “It’s such a cool piece of his­tory. It’s so sim­ple and so over­built. It has no rust, no dents, that’s pretty un­heard of. It would be per­fect for some­one run­ning TROG. If it were mine, I’d keep it as is—it’s such an un­usual spec­i­men of orig­i­nal­ity.”

[ The can­vas roof makes this Model A less collectible, but we think it’s like a very early soft-top Bronco. Hope the new ownertakes it camp­ing.

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