Hot Rod - - Drag Week 2018 -

Drag Week™ is a bat­tle of at­tri­tion. Not only do com­peti­tors need to run quick and con­sis­tent times through­out the week, they need to drive their cars from track to track along a pre­de­ter­mined route un­aided by chase or sup­port ve­hi­cles. Ob­vi­ously, race en­gines gen­er­ally don’t make good street en­gines, and the ma­jor­ity of the fail­ures on Drag Week™ oc­cur on the drive be­tween the tracks.

The high com­pres­sion ra­tios, big-lift cams, and high valve spring pres­sures that are es­sen­tial for a high-horse­power race en­gine are the an­tithe­sis of an en­gine that needs to idle at traf­fic lights. Val­ve­train fail­ures are one of the most com­mon break­downs on Drag Week™. One way to rem­edy this is to slow the val­ve­train down by means of lower-ra­tio rocker arms.

An­other way is to slow the en­gine down com­pletely with an over­drive trans­mis­sion. Run­ning down the high­way at 2,000 rpm is much eas­ier on the val­ve­train than at 3,500 or more with­out over­drive. How­ever, there are no fac­tory trans­mis­sions that will stand up to the abuse of the 3,000+ lb-ft of torque some of the fast-class cars are mak­ing, and that’s why a Gear Ven­dors Over­drive be­comes cru­cial. With it, you can re­duce the di­rect-drive high gear of your two- or three-speed race trans­mis­sion by nearly 25 per­cent. Gear Ven­dors has been a long-run­ning spon­sor for Drag Week™, and the ef­fec­tive­ness of its prod­uct is re­flected in the num­ber of top com­peti­tors us­ing it. We thank Dodge, Gear Ven­dors, Rock­ett Brand Rac­ing Fuel, and all our spon­sors for their con­tin­ued sup­port of Drag Week™.

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