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Eric has a strong on­line fol­low­ing, with more than 1 mil­lion sub­scribers, thanks to be­ing one of the first to pro­duce qual­ity, ba­sic me­chanic re­pair videos on YouTube. “I had a vi­sion of how I wanted to do it,” he says. It then took him three years to show any re­turns on his in­vest­ment. “The main rea­son for my suc­cess is I started early.”

For him, auto re­pairs take four times as long to per­form when shoot­ing a video. “If I were mak­ing a liv­ing re­pair­ing and video­ing those re­pairs, I’d never get any­thing done,” Eric says, which is why most of his videos are on his own pro­jects. It’s turned his day job from me­chanic to videog­ra­pher.

Eric says he has more than 60 days’ worth of build footage from the Fair­mont project. “I learned so much, it’s hard to put into words.

I’ve been fix­ing cars for over 20 years, but go­ing through the process of build­ing one and see­ing all that’s nec­es­sary, I have a new­found re­spect for au­to­mo­tive en­gi­neers.”

The Fair­mont project shifted the fo­cus of Eric’s videos. “I’m try­ing a lot of dif­fer­ent things on the chan­nel,” he says. Some of his view­ers hated the Ford project be­cause it was a com­plete-car build, not a re­pair se­ries, but oth­ers em­braced it. “I have Honda re­pair videos along­side the com­plete Fair­mont project. As long as the video re­mains au­to­mo­tive, I’m good with that.”

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