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Q: I would like to print images of checks on occasion and my bank shows the images of my checks with a print button, but when pressed only a copy of the text shows on the print preview. How can I fix this?

A: Most issues regarding website functional­ity are usually a result of using an unsupporte­d browser when interactin­g with the web page. If you are accessing the site using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, I would suggest trying it in Internet Explorer to see if you have better results.

Keep in mind that Microsoft hides Internet Explorer on Windows 10 as they would prefer you use Microsoft Edge with their operating system. You can get to it by typing Internet Explorer into the Search box on your system and clicking on the applicatio­n in the search results.

Q: The one thing keeping my wife and me with a traditiona­l cable service like Comcast/Xfinity is the DVR. I know there are some devices for recording over-the-air broadcasts, but am I correct that cable stations require the cable provider’s DVR?

A: Cable providers like Comcast would have you believe that you need their hardware to use their service. They basically rent cable modems, routers,

DVRs and even the set-top box as part of their service. This is convenient, but not mandatory. If you are interested in using your own DVR with cable, there are a number of devices on the market that will do this. But it will take a little bit of research and shopping to see if you can find one that will make the switch worthwhile.

You will need a cableCARD for your device so that it can receive your cable signal, and if the device supports recording, you can record your programs and you will even get a credit on your account for using your own device. But keep in mind that TIVO requires a subscripti­on on its own, so you may actually end up paying more for DVR functional­ity.

You can start your research at tinyurl.com/helplineca­blecard and see where it takes you.

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