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Re­gard­ing “574 Tex­ans OK’d for med­i­cal pot” (Front page, Mon­day): Our friends in Canada have made the use of cannabis, whether med­i­cal or per­sonal, le­gal from the Pa­cific to the At­lantic. Our largest states in both peo­ple and land mass have made users of the herb free at last. Sev­eral other states, such as Michi­gan, the 10th largest, have re­cently fol­lowed suit.

Texas, a very mul­ti­cul­tural state, de­spite the protes­ta­tions of some of its res­i­dents, should join the cos­mopoli­tan world of the 21st cen­tury. Weed is cur­rently legally clas­si­fied along­side med­i­cally ad­dic­tive drugs like fen­tanyl and heroin. It is less harm­ful than ei­ther al­co­hol or tobacco, both of which have killed or harmed mil­lions who have quite legally con­sumed them. Users of mar­i­juana should have equal rights with drinkers of al­co­hol.

Many of us ag­ing boomers, now, are be­ing told that we can­not have the le­gal treat­ment we need for pain and other ill­nesses. Pot, at least, can help treat pain with­out the tox­i­c­ity of al­co­hol and other drugs. It is time, now, to make it le­gal but reg­u­lated, like al­co­hol and tobacco. Prob­a­bly the most dan­ger­ous things about cannabis are the pes­ti­cides used to grow it for a thriv­ing black mar­ket and the fact that you could get a po­lice record for be­ing caught with it. Paul L. Rowe, Hous­ton

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