Houston Chronicle : 2019-02-11

TEXAS INC : 20 : B4


TEXASINC. New Programs from STAFF Bauer executive educatioN Al Lewis, Business editor [email protected] Rob Gavin, Our World Class faculty uses the latest research and practical experience to create a dynamic learning experience for executives. Deputy business editor [email protected] Jonathan Diamond, Assistant business editor [email protected] Melissa Ward Aguilar Senior editor, Features & Niche Products [email protected] Susan Barber, Creative director [email protected] Jordan Blum, Energy reporter [email protected] Sergio Chapa, Energy reporter [email protected] Jenny Deam, Medical reporter [email protected] May 17-18 Erin Douglas, Doing Business in Latin America Business reporter [email protected] Katherine Feser, Real estate reporter [email protected] Andrea Leinfelder, With 600 million consumers and over $3 trillion in consumer buying power, Latin America is a diverse, vibrant region, with tremendous potentialfor business. academic, and personal experience in the region, this workshop combines regional trend analysis with in depth study of business opportunities. In an interactive format, participants acquire the skills to develop successful business strategies for Latin American markets and consumers. Shipping and aviation reporter [email protected] Marissa Luck, Energy reporter [email protected] James Osborne, Energy reporter [email protected] John Roper, Economics reporter Developed and delivered by a team of three Bauer College faculty with extensive professional, [email protected] Nancy Sarnoff, Real estate reporter [email protected] R.A. Schuetz, Business reporter [email protected] r .b . h. / - n Dwight Silverman, Technology editor [email protected] c P L.M. Sixel, Energy reporter [email protected] Let Bauer create an Executive training and development program for your organization. Bauer collaborates with your organization, using your mission and vision to develop a results driven, custom program that aligns with your values. Our intensive, focused, custom courses will allow your organization to explore in-depth topics that matter most to reach your organizational goals. Paul Takahashi, Retail reporter [email protected] Chris Tomlinson, Columnist [email protected] Ken Ellis, Designer [email protected] Keith MacPherson, Designer [email protected] Nadya Shakoor, Designer [email protected] Jeni Heard, Director, Market Development [email protected]

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