Houston Chronicle : 2019-02-11

TEXAS INC : 45 : B29


TEXASINC. TEXAS MUNICIPAL BOND 3.75% Yield To Maturity Federal & State-Tax free Travis County, Texas Municipal District #17 General Obligation Bonds • Coupon 3.75% Maturing 9/1/2041 Yield to Maturity 3.75% Priced @ 100 As of 2/8/2019 Callable 9/1/2023 @ 100 AGM Insured AA Rated by S&P A2 Rated by Moody’s $25,000 Minimum • Securities offered are subject to prior sale and/or change in price. Bonds liquidated prior to maturity are subject to price fluctuations and you may receive more or less than you originally paid. Bond prices generally decrease as interest rates rise. State Tax-Free applies to Texas residents. Insurance provides for the timely payment of principal and interest but does not protect against market volatility. Call today to place your order! (858) 369-6500 (858) 369-6477 or Walter Valenzuela Managing Director, Financial Advisor Member: NYSE/FINRA/SIPC www.hilltopsecurities.com

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