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North Korea may test sub-launched ballistic missile


TOKYO — North Korea appears to be taking steps toward a new test of a powerful submarinel­aunched missile, U.S.

weapons experts said, as it steadily dials up the pressure on President-elect Joe Biden.

Last week, a beaming Kim Jong Un presided over another demonstrat­ion of his country’s military might in a nighttime parade in Pyongyang, kicked off with a firework display. Now, it appears he might be planning a very different firework display to greet the incoming U.S. president.

On show at the parade was a new ballistic missile designed to be launched from a submarine, with state media over-enthusiast­ically describing it as “the world’s most powerful weapon.”

Satellite evidence has emerged of work at a naval base in the port city of Nampo on the country’s west coast that suggests preparatio­ns could be underway for a test launch of a similar missile.

In a speech to a ruling party congress this month, Kim vowed to “tirelessly strengthen” North Korea’s military, expand its nuclear arsenal and develop new nuclear-tipped missiles capable of reaching Washington, pointedly calling the United States his country’s “biggest enemy.”

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