Houston Chronicle

Motorcycli­st dies in collision with taxi doing U-turn


A motorcycli­st was killed Saturday night near the Galleria as he and others raced down Westheimer Road and slammed into a taxi, according to police.

Houston police found the 39-year-old driver around 8:30 p.m. in the 5200 block of Westheimer Road, near Sage Road. He died at the scene, while three other motorcycli­sts — all men — were rushed to a hospital and are expected to survive.

Investigat­ors believe a group of five motorcycli­sts were riding together, Lt. Emanuel Pavel said. Four of them hit the taxi as the driver — who said he looked and had not seen anyone coming — was making a U-turn.

A fifth managed to swerve out of the way.

The impact left their motorcycle­s and vehicle debris scattered along the roadway. Investigat­ors found evidence that the bikers were driving “at excessive speeds and racing.” Some skidded more than 100 feet.

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