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Possible first case of humans with avian flu strain


Multiple poultry farmers are suspected of catching an avian flu strain in what could be the first instances

of the illness being transmitte­d to people, according to a new report.

The World Health Organizati­on was recently alerted to the situation by Russian authoritie­s, who believe the H5N8 virus was passed on to the people, CNN reported.

The people potentiall­y infected by the virus had been around flocks of birds, and are “asymptomat­ic and no onward human to human transmissi­on was reported,” the health organizati­on’s statement continued.

WHO did not specify what steps it will take to confirm whether the people were indeed infected by the strain of avian flu.

H5N8 is one strain of the flu that has been known to be dangerous to multiple species of birds.

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