Houston Chronicle

Conduct not surprising


Regarding “Perry says Texans willing to suffer blackouts to keep feds out of power market,” (Feb. 17): As I watch the abject misery unfolding across the state, it is important for people to remember who stepped up to help people and who played politics. I find the conduct by present and past governors unsurprisi­ng but deplorable. Gov. Greg Abbott goes on Fox News to smear wind power instead of focusing all his energy and powers on helping people — and that includes speaking to them in their freezing neighborho­ods across the state. Rick Perry — what a work of art — says Texans are willing to go a few days without electricit­y to keep regulation out of our power systems. Just a brain-dead pronouncem­ent — but not a surprise from

him. Then there is Sen. Ted Cruz saying we have a problem here and then running off to vacation in Mexico. Do these leaders, past and present, care about you? I’d say the answer is mighty clear.

Les Finalle, The Woodlands

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