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Dear Readers:

Got an extra eyeglass case? Here are some uses for them:

* Hold small dental supplies or toothpicks.

* Hold extra tissues.

* Store a couple of pens inside.

* Store loose change. — Heloise

Dear Heloise:

When I got my new washer and dryer, I called every church and charity I could find to offer a washer and dryer that was still in perfect condition and only six years old. No one wanted these two appliances. When it was time for “bulk pickup” in our city, I managed to get both appliances out to the curb by 1 o’clock the day before pickup. By 2 o’clock that same day the washer and dryer were gone! If I’d known how easy it was to get rid of those appliances I would have put them out there a few months before.

— Kate C., San Antonio, Texas

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