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Star of the Month: John Garfield

TCM, beginning at 7 p.m.

Turner Classic Movies ends its Tuesday-night salute to famed actor John Garfield with eight more of his memorable film roles. The evening begins with three terrific war films made during World War II that feature Garfield as characters in various branches of the military — Pride of the Marines (pictured) (1945), in which the actor portrays real-life U.S. Marine Al Schmid in a story re-creating Schmid’s heroic stand against a Japanese attack at Guadalcana­l; Destinatio­n Tokyo (1943), the Oscarnomin­ated submarine thriller costarring Cary Grant; and Howard Hawks’ Oscarwinni­ng Air Force (1943), whose story is based on a real incident that occurred at Pearl Harbor on the day of its attack. Also tonight: the Oscar-nominated spy film The

Fallen Sparrow (1943), costarring Maureen O’Hara; another spy flick, Dangerousl­y They Live (1941); Flowing Gold (1940), an oilfield-set adventure film; Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943), a musical comedy created as a fundraiser for the war effort, with Garfield making a guest appearance as himself and singing “My Mama Done Tol’ Me” (Garfield and the film’s many other stars donated their salaries to the Hollywood Canteen club for servicemen, which he cofounded with Bette Davis); and the Oscar-nominated musical romantic comedy Hollywood Canteen (1944), with Garfield again appearing as himself, talking about the history of the club with Davis.


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