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I quite en­joyed the “Slice of Life” story—i did not re­al­ize so much was go­ing on just be­low the wa­ter’s sur­face! It makes sense though, as ac­tiv­ity is height­ened in a lim­i­nal space, and the wa­ter’s sur­face is cer­tainly the thresh­old be­tween two realms. One small thing has me con­fused: At one point you write that the oxy­gen con­tent is 5 to 10 ml/l. This unit, how­ever, is a bit un­usual. Later in the ar­ti­cle you use mg/l, which is ac­tu­ally more com­mon. Den­nis Sepul­veris via email

Ac­tu­ally, both mg/l and ml/l are ac­cept­able no­ta­tions for the oxy­gen con­tent of wa­ter. The ex­act amount varies ac­cord­ing to the re­gion and the tem­per­a­ture and salin­ity of the wa­ter.

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