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“I Said No Pho­tos!”

Go­ril­las are peace­ful fel­lows. Re­ally. But if they are dis­turbed at a pri­vate party, things can get pretty dicey for the pa­parazzi. As this photo shows…

To call the party ex­clu­sive would be an un­der­state­ment. Tucked away from the out­side world, Akare­vuro par­ties hard, in the truest sense of the ex­pres­sion, with his troop. For hours the go­ril­las have been eat­ing their fill of bam­boo shoots— and ap­pear to have in­dulged in fer­mented fruit, as they seem drunk. The rev­el­ers rage, scream­ing and stum­bling. Even 550-pound Akare­vuro takes a tum­ble while try­ing to walk straight— not very be­com­ing be­hav­ior for a ma­jes­tic sil­ver­back go­rilla. For­tu­nately the group is alone in the jun­gle of Rwanda’s moun­tain­ous Vol­ca­noes Na­tional Park… There are no tourists watch­ing the an­i­mals, no film crews set­ting up their cam­eras, no pa­parazzi. But wait— was that a click­ing sound com­ing from the bushes just now? Yes. How­ever the pho­tog­ra­pher got here, he’s sud­denly right in front of the spir­ited par­ty­go­ers, ruth­lessly press­ing the shut­ter. Again and again. Click, click, click. Be­hind the lens is Christophe Courteau, one of the best na­ture pa­parazzi in the world, who has sold pho­tos to dozens of magazines— and th­ese shots of the pri­vate go­rilla party could be par­tic­u­larly valu­able. This is when Akare­vuro sees red. The ex­tremely ex­cited alpha male go­rilla runs to­ward Courteau and wal­lops the to­tally over­pow­ered pa­parazzo with a hard right hook. “It was like a rugby player run­ning right at me with full force,” re­calls the 54-year-old. But the fact is: Had Akare­vuro been se­ri­ous, Courteau prob­a­bly would not be alive. One blow can be fa­tal, be­cause the im­pact force of a male go­rilla is six times higher than that of a pro boxer. Ap­par­ently Akare­vuro just wanted to teach the pa­parazzo a les­son. Af­ter the at­tack he turns away from Courteau, who makes use of the op­por­tu­nity to flee. The pho­tog­ra­pher now knows: Great apes do not tol­er­ate any press at their par­ties. But the mighty jun­gle dwellers couldn’t pre­vent th­ese pic­tures…

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